Annual percentage rate for sleep debt


Take care of your well-being

Health and functional ability cannot be stored, but must be maintained at all times. Small daily actions are enough for maintenance. Healthy and good choices must be taken care of. Is your foundation for health in order?

A person suffering from sleep deprivation has two times higher risk of getting into an accident at work.

Humorous drawing of a person who has fallen asleep on the toilet seat. With a text “Thousands of jobs and sleepless nights”

8 hours of sleep is the sufficient amount for most people

You get sufficient amount of sleep when

  • you go to bed in the evening feeling calm and fall asleep in under 15 minutes
  • you immediately fall asleep again if you wake up at night
  • you wake up alert and fatigue stays away during the day

Did you know? If you smoke, sleeping problems may be caused by your body struggling with nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

2-3 hours of daily sleep deprivation makes you vulnerable to accidents

  • attentiveness and the ability to perceive things decreases and irritability increases
  • logical reasoning, planning of actions and judgment decline, and the threshold for taking risks decreases
  • learning and remembering things decline 

A daily sleep deprivation of three hours accumulates day by day, and by the end of the week, performance is non-existent and risks increase.

Sleep deprivation also affects physical health

Complex changes in body metabolism may be associated with the development of overweight and the risk of hypertension, adult diabetes, or coronary artery disease.