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Here you will find assignments related to exercise and physical activity. You get to fill out an exercise diary, collect exercise points, reflect on your physical activity and the importance of exercise, and make decisions to promote your well-being! 

The objective is to learn to perceive exercise as part of maintaining health, to explore the forms of physical activity, and to adopt exercise as part of your life. You will thank yourself in a few years for this decision. 

Versatile, varied physical activity promotes coping and good mood, and keeps you healthy.  

More exercise

Implement your plan!

You have now reflected on your physical activity and composed an exercise plan for yourself. It is a big step towards a good occupational condition! You promote your work capacity by implementing your plan. Your task is to implement the plan and keep an exercise diary for a week. 
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Collect steps

10 000 steps a day to promote your health significantly. Daily physical activity and exercise habits have a great influence on your coping and overall mood.

Physical activity can be increased with minor changes to the daily routines.

You can add exercise to your everyday life easily by monitoring your step count. The steps accumulate unnoticed if you start monitoring them. Monitoring may inspire you to exercise more. According to the exercise recommendations, the daily target is 10 000 steps.

The steps are accumulated, for example, by

  • Every day activities: cleaning, shopping
  • Walking to school or work
  • Walking the dog
  • Walking the stair
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Everyday exercise

Adding exercise to your daily routines is surprisingly easy. Everyday exercise can add to your physical activity significantly. Even a small increase in exercise is a step towards well-being. Exercise adds to your coping and helps you concentrate in class. It is also an important part of taking care of your work capacity. 

Read more on the Work Capacity Certificate website: “More exercise in everyday life”

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