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Here you will find assignments related to hobbies, social relationships, influencing and participation. You get do assignments related to tutoring activities, student union activities and cultural activities, think of participation opportunities and plan, for example, events. 

The objective is to understand the importance of hobbies and leisure time for your well-being, and how to take advantage of your hobbies in promoting coping at work. Maybe you could also find a new hobby? 

Hobbies, culture and participation in different things are counterbalance to work, and they help to recover from stress and, above all, participating in them is fun! 

Participating in and organizing events

Culture pass

Culture brings joy to your life and provides variation. It helps to balance the busy working or studying life. It is important to be able to reserve time for fun activities and leisure. Culture involves many things; some like to go to the cinema, others to gigs or art exhibitions. What could be more fun than going out with friends to spend some time with culture! 

This assignment requires you to visit at least five different cultural events. Save the tickets, take photos, or document your participation in some way to show it to your teacher. What was the participation in the event like; what did you like, what was memorable or were you disappointed with something?

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Pimp the event!

It is nice to study in an educational institution where you enjoy yourself. Comfort is affected by many things, such as having friends with whom you can spend your time, and occasionally doing something other than just studying. For example, organizing an event in the educational institution might be a fun thing to do. It provides some variation to studying. Events can be planned by the student union board members, tutors, or anyone who makes a good plan and gets permission from the educational institution to implement it. 

The event does not always have to be a massive spectacle that requires huge amounts of money. It can also be about small things: recess exercise, a flea market, Valentine’s Day or Halloween themed school day, or even a ball. The main thing is that it is something fun that facilitates good mood, and after which you can better cope again in everyday life. 

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Your project!

Many activities and events can have a great impact on the comfort of the educational institution. Events can be organized by the student union or the tutors, or reciprocally, by any student group as part of classes. It is also worthwhile to find out in your own educational institution whether it would be possible to agree on the implementation of events or activities among your group of friends. Everyone has the opportunity to influence and build a comfortable and healthy educational community! 

The activities are implemented, for example, through projects. You also learn many new skills in the project that you can integrate into your own studies. In the project, the activity is brainstormed, planned, budgeted, implemented and assessed. The project phases are:   

  • Brainstorming
  • Setting the objectives
  • Composing the project plan
  • Budgeting
  • Work distribution and other organization
  • Implementation
  • Final assessment
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