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Here you will find assignments related to hobbies, social relationships, influencing and participation. You get do assignments related to tutoring activities, student union activities and cultural activities, think of participation opportunities and plan, for example, events. 

The objective is to understand the importance of hobbies and leisure time for your well-being, and how to take advantage of your hobbies in promoting coping at work. Maybe you could also find a new hobby? 

Hobbies, culture and participation in different things are counterbalance to work, and they help to recover from stress and, above all, participating in them is fun! 

Student and tutoring activity

Student union activities

According to the law, each educational institution must have a student union representing the students’ voice. The student union builds up the team spirit in the educational institution, takes care that the students’ opinions are taken into account in the planning of the educational institution, and acts as the voice of the students and as an influencing channel. 

Student union activities involve all students in your educational institution. You are represented by the student union board. You can learn a lot about democracy and influencing skills in student union activities, as well as decision-making skills, inclusion and everything in between. Students of some educational institutions may not even be aware of which matters and how they can really influence through the student union.

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Influence at school!

It is usually easy to complain if things are not as you like at school. However, you can influence things in many ways in your educational institution. The student union is one of the means to influence. For example, you can contact the board members and tell about the things you would like to change, or which you would like to influence. However, the main thing is that you do not keep quiet and bite your lip. Do you really have the right to complain if you do not even try to influence?

Have a look at the Youth Development Proposal (Nuorten oma kehittämisesitys, currently only available in Finnish) model (pdf) of the Youth Academy. It enables young people to produce development proposals on matters they think are important in their educational institutions. Organizing such a workshop can be one means of influencing things.

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Tutoring activities

Tutoring activities build the comfort and the team spirit of the educational institution. Tutors work as a guides and support in the educational institution, and organize activities and events. Tutors are an important part of building the educational institution’s well-being. The tutors make sure that everyone feels good in the educational institution. 

Anyone who wants to be involved in planning and implementing activities, wants to support and help others, and is ready to contribute to their well-being in the educational institution can participate in the tutoring activities. 

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Tutoring activities: Me as a tutor

Tutoring activities are a good means to participate in the development of your educational institution. You can improve the atmosphere and influence everyone’s well-being in the educational institution through tutoring. Organizing events and joint activities has a great impact on well-being in the educational institution. 

 Tutoring activities hold many benefits.  

  • You get to make new friends and get to know new people
  • you get to gain experiences
  • you get to plan and organize events in the educational institution
  • you get to do nice things to do alongside studying
  • you get to influence the hobby activities of the educational institution and the dormitory
  • you get to promote the voice of young people in the educational institution
  • you get to create things that represent the youth in the educational institution activities
  • you get good experience to add to your CV
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Tutoring activities: Group-leading

Tutors’ tasks involve a lot of group-leading. Tutors work as the teachers right hand in order to introduce new students to each other, and lead, for example, grouping/teaming up games. Grouping means helping new students to get to know each other and to form a group where studying is comfortable and safe for everyone. Tutors also meet new people in various other events and activities (such as open house, family nights, dormitories), thus group-leading skills should be practiced. 

Instructions for building a group

  • Be on time
  • Dress according to the situation
  • Be yourself
  • Make sure that all the necessary tools are available
  • Take all the participants into account
  • Remember the schedule
  • Encourage to participate
  • Own attitude
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