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Here you will find assignments related to exercise and physical activity. You get to fill out an exercise diary, collect exercise points, reflect on your physical activity and the importance of exercise, and make decisions to promote your well-being! 

The objective is to learn to perceive exercise as part of maintaining health, to explore the forms of physical activity, and to adopt exercise as part of your life. You will thank yourself in a few years for this decision. 

Versatile, varied physical activity promotes coping and good mood, and keeps you healthy.  

Break exercise

Get up from the chair

Excessive sitting causes trouble. It is a dormant state for most muscles. Just standing up increases energy consumption by 13-20 % and muscle activity by 200 %.

Prolonged sitting is detrimental. Continuous sitting is harmful to the body. Getting up from the chair often enough promotes your health and your brains work better as well.

Do you sit too much? Read about sitting and work breaks: “Breaks

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Sit right

The symptoms of excessive sitting can be alleviated by sitting correctly. The most important thing is to change your position as often as possible. Pay attention to your sedentary position whenever you sit: at home, at school, and at work.
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Break exercise

You often sit quite a lot while studying. However, daily sitting can easily be reduced with minor changes. Break exercise is a great way. It promotes blood to flow into the muscles and sharpens the concentration.  

It is also advisable to adopt break exercise into your own routines. You take care of your work capacity by preventing the stress caused for the body by heavy work and poor working positions. 

Break exercise is easy and quick. It only requires a few minutes of stretching, at the end of which you move and straighten the stiffened body parts. Read more about break exercise: “Breaks

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Group assignment: Contents to the breaks

Studying often involves a lot of sitting. Spare time is also often spent sitting watching the TV or at the computer. You should take work  breaks from sitting during the school day. It is advisable to adopt break exercise as part of your routines, thus it is easier to stick to the habit also in working life. 

It is advisable to take a work break from sitting every 30-45 minutes. In addition to the work breaks, you should observe and adjust the sedentary position as often as possible.

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