Plan Your Career


The average working career of the Finns is 36 years. The career holds many changes. Changes can be related to changes in the professions and work, or to changes in personal life.

Changes are, for example

Transition from studying to working life

Changing between jobs and tasks

Returning to working life from family leave

Acquiring a new profession

All career changes require so-called career management

Career management means that you…

  • identify your strengths and career goals
  • identify your professional skills
  • identify the opportunities and limitations of working life
  • are aware of your own development needs
  • are able to utilize sources of information and support, for example in career planning, or finding a study place or a job
  • are able to set goals that are suitable for you and pursue them persistently

You can utilize the list of strengths and skills of the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health to identify your own strengths and skills. Download it here (the pdf is currently available only in Finnish).

A student using work machinery.