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Here you will find assignments related to maintaining your health. You can reflect on nutrition, sleep, mental well-being, substances, sexual health, traffic behaviour, relationships, and all the choices you make for your health every day. 

The objective is to reflect on your choices and lifestyle that affect your well-being, and maybe do a huge favour for yourself as well: a decision to take care of your health. 

Well-being is about making small decision that have a huge positive impact on your life. 

Sexual health and relationships


Relationships are inevitably formed when dealing with other people. Simplified, it means a connection between two or more people. Consider how to treat others in order for the relationships to remain good. Relationships involve both good and bad moments.  

Dating requires the learning of interpersonal skills, and it puts interpersonal skills to the test. You have to take into account the other person when dating. A dating couple sets rules on what dating stands for together. Its foundation is trust, and that you feel good and safe with that other person.  


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Contraception facilitates sexual health

Sexual health is the area of human health that relates to sexuality and sex. Sexual health builds up gradually throughout life. It is growth and development into a man and a woman, and understanding, appreciating and protecting yourself and others. From the sexual health perspective, it is equally important to understand when to seek medical advice due to puberty problems or how to protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases (STD). 

An important part of taking care of your sexual health is taking care of contraception. The need for contraception changes at different stages of dating and life situations. Condom is often the first and best option for contraception, as properly used it protects from STDs and pregnancy (but not from remorse, only common sense can do that). Using a condom is also an indication that you care about yourself and appreciate your partner.

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