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Here you will find assignments related to maintaining your health. You can reflect on nutrition, sleep, mental well-being, substances, sexual health, traffic behaviour, relationships, and all the choices you make for your health every day. 

The objective is to reflect on your choices and lifestyle that affect your well-being, and maybe do a huge favour for yourself as well: a decision to take care of your health. 

Well-being is about making small decision that have a huge positive impact on your life. 

Substances and addiction

Alcohol consumption and social relationships

Alcohol consumption often affects people other than those drinking themselves as well. Alcohol enhances emotions, reduces inhibitions, increases impulsivity and lowers blood sugar. All of these factors contribute to the fact that people often behave differently when they are drunk. The effects are different for different people.

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Good party vs bad party

Parties are great events for getting to know new people, strengthening existing friendships and having fun. Alcohol is often consumed to excite the atmosphere and many feel that alcohol facilitates interaction. You can of course achieve and experience the same things without alcohol as well. 

So, partying has many functions. Consider what makes a good party and a bad party in this assignment.

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Smoking and tobacco products

Everyone is familiar with the dangers and consequences of smoking, but do you know the positive consequences of giving up smoking? 

Consider for a moment, what happens when a person reduces or gives up smoking completely?  

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