Assignment cards


Here you will find assignments in which you consider and assess the factors relative to your industry that affect your work capacity. You will be able to reflect on occupational safety, work ergonomics, work planning, working environment, and, for example, the rules of working life of your own field of study. 

The objective is to learn what the challenges of your work capacity are, what things affect your work capacity, how you can influence it, and what things maintain your work capacity, as well as the work capacity of your entire work community. 

You can influence your work capacity with your own actions, and with good planning and assessment of work. 

Work planning and working environment

Work entity

The work task entity includes work-related tasks and work phases. The work phases include, for example, planning, work preparation, inspection, performance, repair and possible adjustment and maintenance functions. 
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Tools and workspaces

Tools used in the work must be suitable for the employee, work and working conditions. The starting point is that the tools must be able to be used safely and proficiently. The tools may only be used for such work and under such conditions, they are suitable for. You should use the tools that you have received orientation and training on at the workplace. The instructions given by the manufacturers must also be taken into account when using the tools. 

It is important that… 

  • You have received orientation and training on how to use the tool.
  • The size, shape, weight and surface material of the tool are such that you can get a firm grip and it does not have sharp edges that could press against the hands.
  • Using the tool is as easy as possible.
  • The tool can be used in a comfortable and ergonomic position.
  • Vibration and noise must be kept at a minimum.
  • Keep the items, supplies, and tools needed in the work close, so the work progresses proficiently and unnecessary extra work can be avoided.
  • Keep your workstation and working environment tidy: working is more comfortable and more efficient, and occupational safety improves. This way you will find the tools you need without having to look for them.
  • Take the tools back where they belong at the end of the day. If the tools require daily maintenance, do it at the end of the day. Thus, the tools are ready for the next day. 

Asennetta työhön – valmennusmenetelmä, Työterveyslaitos

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Noise is sound that is obtrusive or harmful for the hearing. Everyone is exposed to noise to some extent, and being too intense it interferes with work, concentration or rest. The effect of noise increases as the time spent in it increases. Noise prevention is primarily a matter of work organization: removing the source of the noise, quieter machines, isolating the source of the noise and preventing the echo. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Act, the employer must identify the factors causing the noise and determine the potential exposure of the employees to noise. The employer must eliminate or reduce the hazards and disadvantages of noise to a possible extent. However, noise cannot always be removed, so everyone has to take care of hearing protection themselves in the end. The purpose of the earmuffs is to protect your hearing from harmful noise and prevent hearing damage.

Earmuffs must be used when the noise level exceeds 85 dB and they must be available when the noise level exceeds 80 dB. Rule of thumb: The hearing must be protected when normal speech cannot be heard over the noise! Read more on the website of the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health.


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Workplace rules

Every workplace has rules, i.e. policies that guide working and cooperation. Rules are important to proficient work. Workplace rules may be based on: 

  • the law and collective agreements
  • employer instructions
  • agreements between the employees and the employer. 

All actors at the workplace should have a mutual understanding of the rules of the workplace.

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