Assignment cards


Here you will find assignments in which you consider and assess the factors relative to your industry that affect your work capacity. You will be able to reflect on occupational safety, work ergonomics, work planning, working environment, and, for example, the rules of working life of your own field of study. 

The objective is to learn what the challenges of your work capacity are, what things affect your work capacity, how you can influence it, and what things maintain your work capacity, as well as the work capacity of your entire work community. 

You can influence your work capacity with your own actions, and with good planning and assessment of work. 

Work-based learning

Learning at work!

Work-based learning prepares you for the future working life. You get a comprehensive picture of working life and the skills and competence you need at work during the work-based learning. It is advisable to reflect on your own skills and actions in working life during the learning periods. 
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Applying for a job

It is worth investing time and effort in writing the job application. It distinguishes you from other applicants and increases your chances of landing a job. A good job application is clear, and it demonstrates that you meet the required criteria for the job (such as necessary education, work experience, and other skills such as language skills and social skills). 

It is always a good idea to personalize the job application for the particular job you are applying for. This means that the job application addresses the things and application requirements set by the job posting. 

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Work ability house

Work capacity is your most important equity when entering the working life. Work capacity consists of your health, physical and mental resources, professional skills, and your motivation and attitudes. You can influence your work capacity with your choices and actions. Work capacity develops constantly as you gain experience and learn new skills. It is worth strengthening your work capacity both during the working day and in your spare time.

The work ability house has four floors, three of which show the resources of the individual and the fourth the requirements set by work. The house of work capacity is functional and stays standing when all the floors support each other. The lower floors must be in order to build other floors on top of them.

  1. Health and functional ability are the foundations of the house. Lifestyle, such as proper nutrition, adequate sleep and hobbies are of great importance for maintaining and promoting health and functional ability.
  2. Professional expertise develops through education and work experience. You can develop your professional skills and thus affect your work capacity.
  3. Values, attitudes and motivation indicate what the employee values, the employee’s attitude towards work, and the things that inspire the employee. Work-friendly attitude and values support work capacity.
  4. Work, working conditions, work community and management mean the requirements set by work, the working environment in which the employee works, and the colleagues and customers the employee works with.

Source: Tuominen E. ym. 2014. Työkykytaitoja nuorille. Monikulttuurisen nuoren työkyvyn edistäminen. Ryhmänohjaajan opas. Työterveyslaitos.


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Learning and well-being diary

Recording your own experiences during work-based learning promotes your learning. You can do this for one week of training or work placement. It is good if you can talk about your observations and experiences with your workplace instructor, supervisor, or teacher. If you want, you can do the same assignment for several weeks – so you can keep track of what puzzles you during different weeks, where you have succeeded and what you have learned.
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Cooperation with the workplace instructor

Social networks play a key role in working life. The networks provide the information and support you need for your work. You can also share your own thoughts and ideas in your networks. The interaction you have with your workplace instructor is an important resource.
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