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Here you will find assignments related to hobbies, social relationships, influencing and participation. You get do assignments related to tutoring activities, student union activities and cultural activities, think of participation opportunities and plan, for example, events. 

The objective is to understand the importance of hobbies and leisure time for your well-being, and how to take advantage of your hobbies in promoting coping at work. Maybe you could also find a new hobby? 

Hobbies, culture and participation in different things are counterbalance to work, and they help to recover from stress and, above all, participating in them is fun! 

Working in a group

Spirit of cooperation

Team spirit is of great importance when working in a group. It is important that you can get along with everyone at the workplace. Social skills in the working life mean the ability to get along with different kinds of people in different types of situations.  

It is difficult to come up with an example of work that would not in some way involve working together with other people nowadays. All occupations require teamwork skills and flexibility. 

Read more about cooperation skills: “Power of cooperation” and “Bilateral relationships

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Group building

Studying involves operating in a variety of groups, such as groups of friends or different study groups. It is worth practicing the skills of working in a group, as very few people work in an occupation that does not involve other people. Work is done with different kind of people, which emphasizes working together and good interaction skills. 

In order to make schoolwork in different groups pleasant and fun for everyone, the group atmosphere, trust and openness are pivotal. They also contribute to building the feeling of safety in the group.

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