Eat well

The world is full of different nutritional recommendations and wonder diets. The one that suits the other does not necessarily suit another. The most important thing is that your diet is versatile and that you eat regularly. 

The big picture is pivotal when it comes to eating. What you eat affects your coping. Different foods complement each other. Everyday choices help you cope. 

Drawing of a plate with potatoes, fish and vegetables. Next to the plate a glass of drink.

Eat according to consumption

  • The balance is right when your weight remains under control. Too little food is not enough, but you can test the long-term effects of excess energy by taping a 10 kg of weight on your waist.
  • Eat regularly and pay attention to the portion size. Regular meal interval prevents hunger, stomach problems and overeating.
  • As the portion size increases, the amount of energy consumed increases. Large portion sizes tempt you to eat too much.
  • Minimize the consumption of sugar (especially sugary drinks) and white grain.

Human has developed to eat versatile

  • Eat versatile. The plate model works for every meal.
  • Have some salad. Start with it.
  • Eat plenty of vegetables, fruits and fibre-rich grain products.
  • Use vegetable fats and oils instead of animal fats.
  • Consume less than five grams of salt a day.